Carrying forward a tradition of quality workmanship and customer service, tailored to each client.


Managing Director Rob Robinson has more than a decade of experience in the building and construction industry. 

Over the years, Rob enjoyed mentorship and a close working relationship with long-time local builder Bernie Malatzky, who instilled Rob with a passion for life on the tools. Bernie enjoyed a reputation for work of the highest quality during his 50 years as a local builder in Denmark and surrounds. His work constitutes a large portion of the residential, commercial and local government buildings between Albany and Walpole.

For the last decade of Bernie's highly respected career, he put his faith in Rob, who, in his roles as project manager, supervisor and lead carpenter, upheld Bernie's reputation for carefully executed builds and strong customer focus. 

With Bernie's support, Rob worked towards his goal of running his own business which saw the official launch of Purpose Built Constructions in early 2019.

Rob said Bernie's example laid the foundations for the sort of builder he wants to be. "Bernie is a very important figure in my life," Rob said. "He put me to work at a young age and helped me achieve my goals, pushed me when I needed inspiration and counselled me when I needed guidance. He is an incredibly kind, generous and no-nonsense bloke. Those are traits which he brought to work every day and which I hope to emulate as I go forward in business in my own right."

Since its official launch, Purpose Built has operated in its own right under Rob's own building contractors' licence but the mentorship between Bernie and Rob continues. Every day Purpose Built strives to carry forward the legacy of the highly respected local builder who made it possible by maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and customer service with a local touch.


Purpose Built is a locally owned and operated building and construction business based in Denmark, WA. 

Managing Director Rob Robinson is a born and bred Denmark local, supported by a team of locals and associated sub-contractors.

By supporting a local small business like Purpose Built you help to keep skilled and friendly faces living and working in our community.


Our team offers customised carpentry and construction services throughout Denmark and surrounding regions. 

The scope of work for the team is wide. Projects range from small renovations and extensions to complete home and commercial builds.

Purpose Built focuses on providing quality, efficient and timely workmanship with no fuss and attention to detail.